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How to Choose a Medical Malpractice Attorney

Every medical malpractice case starts with a health care provider who has made a mistake — either by not doing something that should have been done, or by doing something that should not have been done. When this mistake directly results in a bad outcome, and that bad outcome entails significant damages, there’s a solid […]

What to Do If an Attorney Won’t Take Your Case

Looking for answers about what to do if an attorney won’t take your case? Of course, you can continue to call upon attorneys until you find an attorney who will take your case. Barring that, however, there may be underlying reasons why your case may not fit a lawyer’s criteria for a case they can […]

Open and Obvious Defense Explained

What does the phrase “open and obvious defense” mean — particularly in premises liability law? Without context, the phrase can be confusing. On the surface, the two words “open” and “obvious” don’t seem to go together. In law, “open and obvious” typically comes into play in slip and fall cases. An open and obvious defense […]

Multiple-Car Accident Insurance Issues

Multiple-car accidents, which involve three or more vehicles, can lead to complicated legal cases and a variety of insurance issues. Think of multi-car accidents this way: It’s easy to split a pizza when there are only two people dining, but when you add a third person, splitting the pie equitably can be tricky — especially […]

Should I Get an Attorney After a Car Accident?

A Lawyer Answers Common Car Accident Questions If you have been in an accident and you’re wondering Should I get an attorney after a car accident?, here’s a quick and honest answer: not everyone needs an attorney after a car accident. Even though I am a car accident lawyer, I firmly believe this. Just as […]

Slip and Fall Accident Questions Answered

Personal injuries can come on all shapes and sizes. While car accidents get the most attention, the second most common type of personal injury claim is the slip and fall accident. Also referred to as “trip and fall” accidents, slips and falls fall under the umbrella of premise liability claims. Considering how common slips and […]

Who Is at Fault in a Self-Driving Car Accident?

The driverless vehicle is no longer science fiction. Fully autonomous vehicles are currently being tested on public roadways. Yet, one large concern is acting as a roadblock to autonomous vehicles’ progress: liability. Who is at fault in a self-driving car accident? This is a complicated question. When determining fault in a self-driving car accident, we […]

Dog Bite Injury Compensation Amounts

Dog bite claims are some of the most painful personal injury claims that we handle at Negretti & Associates. Our clients not only suffer physical injuries, but they also endure psychological trauma. There is a real mental component to being bitten by a dog. A bite will rattle most people and make them hesitant around […]