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Pre Litigation vs Litigation: What Is the Difference?

When attorneys talk about personal injury cases and the law firms that handle them, you’ll sometimes hear the terms “pre-litigation” and “litigation.” But what do these two terms mean? Let’s keep things simple. An easy way to think of pre litigation vs litigation is this: pre-litigation means “before I file a lawsuit” and litigation means […]

Plaintiff Dies During Lawsuit: Arizona Law

What happens when a plaintiff dies during lawsuit? Arizona law requires that certain steps be taken to continue the claim in the event of a party’s death, on behalf of either the deceased plaintiff or defendant. Unfortunately, attorneys find themselves in this situation from time to time. At Negretti & Associates, we’ve had to deal […]

Types of Personal Injury Cases

What are the most common types of personal injury cases? What categories of personal injury cases are not as common today, but are growing in frequency and could become more common in the future? For the most part, most people know what a personal injury case is. But, to summarize the concept briefly, personal injury […]

Get to Know Negretti & Associates, Part Three: Our Cases, Litigation Work, and State Licenses

In this Legal Beagle podcast, Jonathan Negretti outlines the personal injury case types that Negretti & Associates handles, the pre-litigation and litigation case management services it offers, and the states in which his firm is licensed to practice law. Learn why each of these factors are important when selecting an attorney. This is the third […]

Get to Know Negretti & Associates, Part Two: Our Staff

As part of his Legal Beagle podcast, Jonathan Negretti talks about the culture of Negretti & Associates and highlights the contributions made by the great team of people who comprise Negretti & Associates. This is the second in a series of articles designed to help new and prospective clients become acquainted with Negretti & Associates. […]