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Get to Know Negretti & Associates, Part Three: Our Cases, Litigation Work, and State Licenses

In this Legal Beagle podcast, Jonathan Negretti outlines the personal injury case types that Negretti & Associates handles, the pre-litigation and litigation case management services it offers, and the states in which his firm is licensed to practice law. Learn why each of these factors are important when selecting an attorney. This is the third […]

Get to Know Negretti & Associates, Part Two: Our Staff

As part of his Legal Beagle podcast, Jonathan Negretti talks about the culture of Negretti & Associates and highlights the contributions made by the great team of people who comprise Negretti & Associates. This is the second in a series of articles designed to help new and prospective clients become acquainted with Negretti & Associates. […]

Car Accident Claims: 20 Common Misconceptions

At Negretti & Associates, we’ve been handling car accident claims for many years. As prospective clients have approached us regarding legal representation, we have encountered a wide variety of misconceptions, myths, and bad advice about how to resolve car accident cases. Let’s dispel those myths! Myth #1: A traffic citation equals fault. This is a […]

Negligence Law Definition: Understanding Negligence Elements

To arrive at a negligence law definition, we must understand four core negligence elements, which are as follows: Duty Breach Causation Damages To bring forth a negligence claim as a plaintiff, your case should have all four elements. Let’s look at each of the negligence elements in greater detail, in the context of automobile accidents. […]

Electric Scooter Accident Claims, Part Three: Collecting Evidence

A Guide for Attorneys In this series on electric scooter accident claims, previous articles explored how fault is determined in scooter accidents, as well as themes commonly found in scooter companies’ user agreements. Here, we’ll conclude by sharing insights regarding collecting evidence related to a case, what you might be asked to provide after initiating […]