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When you or a loved one is dealing with a personal injury, we’re here to help.

We know you probably didn’t expect to find yourself reading about personal injury on our website.

Personal injury situations often come out of the blue. In fact, this may be your very first time seeking legal help.

At Negretti & Associates, we want make the process simple for you.  We are here to explain the process in a way that makes sense.  We want to be with you every step of the way.   We want to ensure that your personal injury claims can be resolved fairly and make sure the insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you.

Negretti & Associates was born out of a passion for helping people when they need it most. You’ll always know what’s happening with your case because we provide consistent updates and remain in constant communication with you. We will work hard to protect your legal rights.

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What we believe in


Give us a call and tell us about your case. We’re happy to evaluate your situation for you, whether you choose to work with us or not.

Honest evaluations

Our philosophy is that if we can’t increase the potential value of your case, then we shouldn’t take your money. We’ll always be up front with you.

Giving back

Making a difference beyond our immediate circle of influence is important to us. We donate a portion of our revenue to non-profit organizations that are having a positive impact.

There’s no such thing as a small case

We specialized in personal injury specifically to help regular people who are facing stressful times.

Watch the video to see what we’re all about:

Our non-profit initiatives

We have a program that offers to match client donations to support charities that are making a difference. We use these funds to aid organizations that desperately need our help.

Helping our clients and then being able to turn around and help the community as a whole is one of our favorite parts of what we do. We are always exploring ways to have a bigger impact, and we’re excited to continue growing these efforts in the coming years.

Meet the team

Jonathan Negretti


Jonathan wears multiple hats for the firm, including assisting with both litigation and pre-litigation cases.

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Dylan R.F. McGurk

Associate Attorney

Dylan R.F. McGurk is an experienced trial attorney who joined Negretti & Associates after working three and a half years at one of the biggest personal injury law firms in the state of Arizona.

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Kaivan Mangouri

Associate Attorney

Kaivan handles pre-litigation cases from intake through settlement, and if necessary, works with the litigation team to ensure that clients transitioning to litigation are fully informed of the process.

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Carissa M. Dixon

Case Manager

Carissa is extremely hard-working and driven, handling and managing cases from inception to resolution, and every step in-between.

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Aaray Herman

Firm Manager

Aaray is the Firm Manager at Negretti & Associates and truly acts as everyone’s right-hand woman.

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Stephanie Kilner


Stephanie is the glue that holds together the team at Negretti & Associates.  Stephanie is very involved in the litigation cases that the firm handles.

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Carissa “CJ” Johnson

Administrative Assistant

CJ is one of the firm’s multitaskers:  from talking to insurance providers and adjusters, to drafting correspondence, collecting clients’ medical bills and records, and more!

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Rosalva Loza

Law Clerk

Rosalva supports the attorneys at the firm on a variety of tasks.

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Brian Yee

Law Clerk

Brian enjoys working in personal injury as it gives him the opportunity to obtain tangible, meaningful results for people who have been wrongfully injured and need help.

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Wendi Bravman

Intake Specialist/Administrative Assistant

Wendi Bravman is the newest addition to Negretti & Associates!  Wendi is extremely passionate about helping others and is 100% committed to ensuring the absolute best for our clients throughout the duration of their cases.

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Taylor Rivich

Law Clerk

Taylor is a part-time Law Clerk at Negretti & Associates, performing a variety of tasks for the litigation team. He is also a full-time student and Teaching Assistant at ASU Law School, as well as an Associate Editor for ASU’s Law Journal for Social Justice.

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