Shawn B.

Rachel E.

Aidan C.

Mr. Negretti is truly a cut above the rest. From the very first day, he took care of everything so that I could focus on healing from an auto accident that was not my fault. Mr. Negretti’s advice and guidance was invaluable. He is quick to express empathy for what you’re going through. He made sure that I thoroughly understood each option available to me, as my case proceeded. And while each decision was ultimately up to me as the client, I was always 100% confident with each step we took, as I could truly rely on Mr. Negretti’s insight and counsel. He is extremely perceptive, which made him a very skilled and powerful ally as I went through depositions and settlement negotiations. Having Mr. Negretti as an attorney is like having a trusted friend by your side, fighting for you.

Teresa V.

Jonathan went above and beyond what my expectations were to help get both my mother and my medical bills paid for. He is highly organized, always getting back to me in a timely manner, and overall was always proactive. I would have had a roller coaster to deal with the other party’s insurance if it weren’t for Jonathan coming in to help. I cannot thank him enough!

Rachel E.

My personal injury case was difficult. Every lawyer I contacted said it was too difficult and not worth the effort. With the statute of limitations quickly approaching and near hopelessness for any justice to be done, I met with Jonathan Negretti. He was a godsend! From the moment I met with Mr. Negretti, I deeply appreciated his way of allowing me to explain my case as I saw it and I was thoroughly impressed with the questions he asked me when I was finished. He was intelligent and perceptive. He believed in me and my case and agreed to represent me.

Kelly B.

Jonathan Negretti and his team are absolutely amazing and I am very thankful for this firm and everything they did to help me get through my case. In 2014, I was in a hit and run car accident where the other driver was extremely intoxicated and due to this accident I suffered a rib injury and a permanent hand injury. This accident was by far one of the most stressful and difficult things I have ever been through. There were many ups and downs and Jonathan and his team were there for me through every step of the way.

Shawn B.

Jonathan could not possibly have been more helpful & professional. He is extremely fast and efficient in his communications, and I never had to wait long periods of time for him or his staff to prepare documents or respond to questions or concerns. I guarantee, if you hire N&A, you will always feel like you are one of their top clients. He is also very down to earth, leaving you feeling like your working with one of your friends rather than a stuffy lawyer that talks down to you or doesn’t have time for you.

Jasmine L.

Mr. Negretti was a huge help. I was involved in an automobile accident and the insurance company wasn’t very fair in their dealings with me. Jonathan did an amazing job handling both the insurance companies and the hospitals, he was there 100% of the way and always answered all of my questions promptly. Would totally recommend his services to anyone looking for an attorney that will work their hardest for you.

William R.

Jonathan was extremely thorough in his review and preparation of my case (auto accident where the other parties insurance offered a meager settlement). He wrote an extremely well prepared convincing letter requesting the amount we agreed to and the insurance company agreed to settle the day they received his communication for the amount requested. All was done in a very timely professional manner with excellent communication from him and his office throughout the entire process for a very fair fee.

James P.

Jonathan Negretti came to our rescue. He was very efficient in dealing with the insurance company and he was persistent in seeing that my wife and I received the settlement we deserved. Mr. Negretti promptly kept us informed all the way through the process, and always answered any emails or phone calls from us immediately.

Michael H.

Jonathan Negretti is an excellent lawyer!! Every question I had was answered by him and not by an assistant. He always responded quickly and handled my case the best way I feel possible. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to feel like their case is important to their attorney.

Gwen C.

I utilized Negretti & Associates for my car accident.  Great follow-up and very aggressive with gettting me the settlement that I deserved.  I didn’t have to do anything other than provide copies of my bills, and he they took care of everything.  Always kept me updated.  Very happy with my settlement.  I definitely would not have been able to get this kind of settlement without them. 

Koren P.

I am beyond pleased with the service I received from Negretti & Associates. My case was handled with a level of professionalism and expertise that surpassed my expectations. Jonathan Negretti possesses a balance of independent thinking and willingness to integrate new ideas. When I presented him with my case, he approached a solution in an aggressive, innovative, and meticulous manner. I would recommend Negretti & Associates to anyone. Thank you!!

Chuck M.

The attorneys from Negretti & Associates were professional, thorough and prompt in reviewing documents and providing highly detailed recommendations, all of which passed muster with the other party’s attorney.

Lyle B.

I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised by three things:  first was how quickly you responded, second was the extra attention to detail that seems to come naturally to you, and third was the fairness of your billing.

David G.

Jonathan gets the job done. He understands the end goal and works to make that happen. He makes the work enjoyable, while making sure the work is done quickly and with the highest integrity! I would recommend Jonathan highly!