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State-Minimum Car Insurance Is Not Enough

This article on state-minimum car insurance is the first of a three-part series on car insurance. Other articles in this series are Full-Coverage Car Insurance Is a Myth and Should I Call My Insurance Company After an Accident? Every time we get into our cars and drive somewhere, we’re exposing ourselves to the risk of […]

Total Loss Car Insurance Settlements

When a vehicle is said to be a “total loss,” it means that the cost of repairs exceeds the vehicle’s actual cash value. While this may sound simple enough, there are many questions surrounding total loss car insurance settlements. How is a total loss settlement calculated? Can an insurance company force you to total your […]

Parking Lot Accident Fault

In parking lot accidents, who’s at fault? How is accident fault determined? In truth, the answer depends on a variety of factors. Typically, one driver will have the right-of-way, and the driver who infringes upon right-of-way during an accident is at fault. However, right-of-way isn’t always clear, and can depend upon a parking lot’s unique […]

5 Tips for Managing a Remote Law Firm

By Jonathan Negretti, principal, Negretti & Associates Negretti & Associates has thrived as a remote law firm since its founding 2012. In this recent interview with Litify, Jonathan Negretti offers his perspective on starting and managing a remote law firm. In March 2020, as COVID-19 spread across the United States, many law firms were abruptly […]

Uber Insurance Claims

Whether you’re the driver or a passenger in an Uber accident, or if your car has been in an accident with an Uber driver, the process of filing an Uber insurance claim is no different from filing a claim with an insurance company. Yet, the key thing to remember is be careful about what you […]

Lime Scooter Injury Lawsuits

An electric scooter accident of any kind can be damaging both physically and financially — especially if your injury is significant. You may find yourself feeling very overwhelmed and unprepared to deal with the complexity of your case. Even a highly experienced injury attorney will admit that scooter injury cases are unlike any other type […]