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Pain and Suffering Settlements

If you’ve ever been in an accident, you already may be familiar with “pain and suffering” as a legal term. Pain and suffering is the physical and emotional stress caused by an accident. Attorneys sometimes refer to this as the “hassle” factor for having to deal with the aftermath of an accident. It can include […]

Defamation Claims

When people hear the term “personal injury lawyer,” they typically think of auto accidents. It’s common to see personal injury lawyers in TV commercials talking about how they can help victims of auto accidents. Yet, personal injury law is so much broader than car accidents. Of course, personal injuries can be physical, such as whiplash […]

Car Accident Out of State, While on Vacation

Have you ever had the terribly unfortunate experience of having a car accident out of state, while on vacation? An otherwise perfect trip can be completely ruined in an instant. You could be California resident who has had a car accident while on vacation to the Grand Canyon, or an Arizona resident on who has […]

Phoenix Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Just as Phoenix has become a bustling metropolitan city — with new commercial developments, roadways, and residential communities debuting with each day — accidents involving pedestrians and motorists have been on the rise. Since 2010, the number of pedestrians killed by cars in Phoenix has more than doubled. Tragically, many accidents commonly occur in places […]

Diminished Value Claims in Colorado

If you are a Colorado resident who has been involved in a car accident, or were involved in one during your last visit here, you may be entitled to a diminished value claim. Filing a diminished value claim in Colorado provides a way for you to recover lost resale the value of your vehicle. Why […]

Safety Tips for Memorial Day Weekend in Arizona

This Memorial Day weekend, families across the United States will celebrate the unofficial beginning of summer. For those of us living in Arizona, this monumental three-day weekend means embarking on a spontaneous road trip, grilling by the pool, or lounging on the lake. However, fun activities such as these often mean an increase in accidents […]

Self-Driving Car Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 94% of car accidents are due to human error. Innovators have imagined a world where our faults would no longer endanger each other on the road. Today, self-driving cars seem to be a permanent reality, especially in Arizona where Uber had been testing its […]

Partial Fault in an Arizona Auto Accident

Receiving compensation after an auto accident largely depends on who was at fault. As a result, determining who gets compensation can be complicated when one or more drivers are partially at fault. An experienced accident lawyer can help you navigate this process and begin the process of determining responsibility. Ultimately, your recovery will depend on […]