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Minimum Auto Insurance in California, Arizona, and Colorado

If you’re shopping for car insurance, and you’re trying to decide how much insurance to carry, you’ve probably encountered discussions about minimum auto insurance. This is the very least amount of coverage that you need to have on your policy, as required by state laws, which vary from state to state. To explore some examples […]

Autonomous Driving Levels and Minimal Risk Conditions with Bryant Walker Smith

Autonomous driving technology is advancing at a breakneck pace. Are laws and ethics ready? Professor Bryant Walker Smith is one of the world’s leading legal experts on transportation technologies. His research focuses on issues of risk and trust in new technologies, especially automated driving systems and unmanned aerial systems. As automated vehicle technology move towards […]

Harry Plotkin Shares Jury Selection Insights

In a recent edition of the Legal Beagle Podcast, which is available on YouTube and Anchor, Jonathan Negretti had the good fortune to be joined by Harry Plotkin, one of the best jury consultants in the U.S. Plotkin has picked over 1,000 juries that have delivered more than $500 million in verdicts. Here, he talks […]

TurnSignl App Enables Drivers to Have Real-Time Legal Consultations

Jazz Hampton explains how his firm’s new app offers real-time attorney representation and helps deescalate interactions with law enforcement In a recent edition of the Legal Beagle Podcast, which is available on YouTube and Anchor, Jonathan Negretti chatted with TurnSignl co-founder Jazz Hampton. Based in Minneapolis, TurnSignl has developed an app that enables any driver […]

The Taxability of Settlements: A Conversation with Robert Wood

This interview with Robert Wood is part of Jonathan Negretti’s Legal Beagle Podcast, which is available on the Negretti & Associates YouTube channel and on Anchor.fm. The following transcript has been edited for brevity and clarity. At Negretti & Associates, from time to time we get asked about the taxability of someone’s settlement or award […]

Jackpot Justice: Two Perspectives

Depending on how you see things, the phrase “jackpot justice” can have two entirely different meanings. It’s a classic example of a loaded term, one that exposes a rift in political and economic values. One commentator has referred to a jackpot justice as a “problem,” wherein juries “reward outsized judgments unrelated to actual damages.” Separately, […]

Interview with Brian LaBovick, Author of “Not a Good Neighbor: A Lawyer’s Guide to Beating Big Insurance Companies”

In this week’s edition of Negretti & Associates’ Legal Beagle Podcast Jonathan interviews personal injury lawyer Brian LaBovick, author of Not a Good Neighbor: A Lawyer’s Guide to Beating Big Insurance Companies. In his book, LaBovick shows you how to navigate the paperwork and pitfalls of an automobile accident case. He shares stories from nearly […]

Premise Liability Cases: Q&A with Todd Springer

In this week’s Legal Beagle Podcast, Jonathan Negretti interviews premise liability expert Todd Springer. They discusses what one should consider before pursuing a slip and fall case. What does a premise liability expert do? What factors does an expert look at when evaluating an injury or accident? How are experts’ findings important to shaping the […]

Five Famous Product Liability Cases

What are the five most famous product liability cases of all time? Negretti & Associates has curated this list of product liability cases that have grabbed headlines, captivated the public’s attention, and continue to be remembered years after going to trial. When you use a product, you put your trust in the company that produced […]

An Interview with Attorney Jonathan O’Steen, President of the Arizona Association for Justice

See Jonathan Negretti’s full interview with attorney Jonathan O’Steen, which was conducted as part of Negretti & Associates’ Legal Beagle Podcast. Jonathan “Jon” V. O’Steen is an incredible trial attorney who has advocated for injury victims for the past 15 years. Recently, he assumed the position of president of the Arizona Association for Justice (also […]