manage insurance companies after an accident

Immediately after you’ve been the victim of a car accident, insurance representatives will contact you. It’s important to not say a word to them until you’ve consulted legal advice.

So says Jonathan Negretti, a personal injury attorney and founder of Negretti & Associates Law Firm.

“Legal representation is critical to protect your rights and secure compensation for any damages that resulted from the accident,” he says. “That’s true whether you hire the experienced personal injury attorneys at Negretti & Associates, or hire another law firm.

“When you have been in a car accident, and the driver at fault has insurance, that person’s insurance representative will try to contact you immediately to secure a quick settlement. This could end up costing you!”

How to Deal with Insurance Companies After an Accident

Negretti advises the following tactics for dealing with insurance representatives following an accident:

1. Remain quiet. Let your attorney do all of the communicating with the insurance company. This protects your best interests. Often times adjusters will attempt to record the conversations in hopes that you will say a damaging comment that the insurance company can use against you in your case to pay you less money.

2. Have an attorney with you. When it’s time to make a statement, make sure to have your attorney with you. Again, this is to protect you and your case.

3. Do not grant medical authorization. Until your attorney tells you to do so, never give medical authorization to the defendant’s insurance company.

4. Do not accept checks. Inform your attorney of all attempts the defendant’s insurance company makes at issuing you a payment. Never accept a check that says “final payment” or “a release of all claims” until you are ready to settle your case.

Be careful not to fall into insurance companies’ traps. They often like to offer financial settlements quickly in hopes that you’ll settle right away. This does not allow you to get an adequate evaluation of the full extent of your injuries. Also, be wary of taking legal advice from friends and family members, always consult an experienced personal injury attorney.