clayton trovillionOn August 24, 2019, Clayton Trovillion suffered life-threatening injuries as the result of an automobile accident in Arizona. Tragically, he succumbed to his injuries and passed away seven days later.

Clayton was an exceptional young man whom Negretti & Associates had the honor of representing in the aftermath of an earlier automobile accident, which he had in September of 2018. During that time, we really got to know Clayton and were inspired by the kind of person he was.

Clayton was an outstanding brother to his three sisters and son to his parents. He excelled academically, having graduated high school in just three and a half years, then going on to attend Arizona State University for both his undergraduate (B.S. in Finance) and graduate (M.S. in Finance) degrees.

Clayton also served his country and community. He was an Army Reservist, and completed multiple tours of duty overseas, earning countless military honors and decorations. On top of all that, Clayton was also an Arizona-certified EMT, and would often donate blood and plasma to those in need.

Clayton loved Arizona and would often enjoy its beauty while hiking and riding his motorcycle throughout the desert. He often expressed desire to go to law school — a goal that we are sure was only thwarted by his premature passing. We were especially excited to follow Clayton on this journey.

In honor of Clayton’s enthusiasm for legal advocacy and higher education, our firm established the Clayton Trovillion Memorial Scholarship. This annual scholarship will be awarded to a current high school or college student seeking to further his or her education. Clayton would be proud to know that he helped encourage others to pursue their dreams.

Those interested in Clayton’s Memorial scholarship can learn how to apply at

Through our new scholarship, we hope to assist students who embody Clayton’s impressive qualities and wish to use their skills to make a difference.