Writing a Personal Injury Demand Letter

personal injury demand letter

One major element in a personal injury case is the complainant’s demand letter. At Negretti & Associates, our attorneys — who are licensed in Arizona, California, and Colorado — write personal injury demand letters on our clients’ behalf.

Personal Injury Demand Letter Format

A personal injury demand letter may include the following elements:

Your version of the story:

  • Timeline of events.
  • Fact-based, unemotional statements.

Reasons the other party is at fault:

  • Clearly and concisely articulate why the other party is at fault with fact-based, unemotional statements.
  • Never admit any wrongdoing of your own. This is the responsibility of the other party’s insurance company to discover.

Your personal injuries:

  • List in great detail all the injuries you’ve sustained.
  • Identify the duration (or projected duration) of the injuries including temporary, long-lasting and permanent injuries.
  • Don’t overstate your injuries but don’t down-play them either.
  • Use the correct medical terminology.

Your medical expenses:

  • List of every medical expense including the provider, cost, location of treatment, name of person(s) treating you, time spent per visit, driving distance, etc.

Your lost time and income.

  • List any time you missed at work as a result of your injury.
  • List why your work suffered as a result of your injury.
  • Letter from your employer with job description, pay level and a confirmation of time lost

Other hardships.

  • List any other losses — these can be non-tangible losses including: depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress, embarrassment, inconvenience, the cost and time spent working with a therapist to treat emotional hardships, etc.

The settlement demand.

  • State the adequate monetary compensation required given all that you’ve claimed

The attorneys at Negretti & Associates will help you identify what that value of your case is worth. There are case calculations and negotiating strategies your attorneys will discuss with you to identify the right monetary value of the personal injury case.

The final component of a personal injury demand letter should include all supporting documents to verify the claims listed in the letter. These may include: police reports, eyewitness statements, medical records, bills, explanation of benefits, and employer letters.

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