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Why You Should Hire a Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney

Unfortunately, people are likely to experience some type of car accident in their lives. Whether it’s a small fender-bender or a multiple car pile-up on the freeway, the Phoenix personal injury attorneys at Negretti & Associates have seen it all. When you have been involved in a vehicle accident, hiring a personal injury attorney is not […]

Four Ways to Manage Insurance Companies After an Accident

Immediately after you’ve been the victim of a car accident, insurance representatives will contact you. It’s important to not say a word to them until you’ve consulted legal advice. So says Jonathan Negretti, a personal injury attorney and founder of Negretti & Associates Law Firm. “Legal representation is critical to protect your rights and secure […]

Follow Doctors’ Orders After an Accident

If you have had the misfortune of being the victim of an automobile accident in Arizona or California, hopefully you were able to walk away from the accident without any bodily injury. However, if you have sustained an injury as a result of the accident, it is imperative that you follow the doctor’s orders. Jonathan […]

What To Do at the Scene of an Accident

If you find yourself involved in a car accident, there are several steps you should follow while you are still at the scene of the accident. Following these critical steps will help protect your personal injury case. Jonathan Negretti, personal injury attorney and founder of Negretti & Associates, shares these “must-do” steps to follow at […]

What to Document After a Car Accident

Following a car accident, there will be many conversations, meetings and notes that need to be documented. If your personal injury case goes to trial, you may be asked to recall how you felt, or what someone said to you during a specific conversation. It may be helpful to keep an accident journal to document […]

Top 5 Personal Injury Mistakes to Avoid

The attorneys at Negretti & Associates, a personal injury law firm, are committed to fighting for the rights of their clients. Whether it’s a car accident or a wrongful death case, the personal injury attorneys at Negretti & Associates work to ensure they have the knowledge and resources to defend their clients against some of the […]