Our Team

Rachel Denning

Case Manager

Since 2017

Rachel handles cases ranging from pre-litigation to litigation.  Rachel is also a key figure in transitioning cases to litigation and ensuring that discovery is being handled effectively.

What Rachel likes most about working in personal injury is how rewarding it is, fighting for people that have genuinely suffered damages, and knowing that she is making a positive difference restoring their life and happiness. Additionally, she finds personal injury a diverse area of law that presents new learning opportunities and ways to be challenged intellectually.

Rachel was born in Portland, Oregon, but currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Rachel attended the University of Arizona for her Undergraduate (English Degree), Arizona State University (English Degree), and Arizona Summit School of Law for you guessed it her Law Degree.

When Rachel is not working, she loves to spend time with her family who she is most proud of, which includes her husband, her two sons, and their two dogs. She loves to travel and spend a lot of time in the Pacific Northwest (where she grew up).  Rachel also loves reading, cabernet, hiking, soccer, animals and the environment.

Rachel has worn many hats in life and that has assisted her in being more well-rounded person and empathetic attorney.  She feels honored to be able to practice law and help others. However, she is also a mother, daughter, wife, friend and former collegiate athlete who has travelled the world, lived abroad and found a permanent home in Phoenix.

Question:  If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

If Rachel could be any animal in the world she would be an elephant because not only is an elephant extremely intelligent with an amazing memory; it is sensitive, kind and always puts its family (herd) first.

Question:  If you were a crayon color, what color would you be and why?

If Rachel were a color she’d be black because it absorbs all the colors and does not reflect any light back. For her black represents an interesting juxtaposition of classic/professional and forward thinking/liberal.

Question:  If a penguin were to walk through your door wearing a sombrero, what would be your first thought?

If a penguin were to walk through her door wearing a sombrero, Rachel’s first thought would be of a tattoo. Her and her husband own two tattoo shops in Phoenix where one of the artists tattooed a penguin in a sombrero arm wrestling a bear.

Rachel would describe Negretti & Associates as: A diverse group of trustworthy professionals that genuinely care about our clients and vigorously fight for what they deserve.